Artwork & Communication Requests

Fast Artwork Generator

Use the Fast artwork generator to request artwork in one of our 5 Styles. Catering for up to 3 games you will receive your artwork within 24 hours.

Cape Template

Utilise the Cape platform to enter your event details yourself by choosing from our growing library of bespoke templates.

Bespoke Artwork

Complete this form to request unique artwork and changes to existing designs. Please expect a minimum 7 day turn around (Depending on the request.)

Artwork Workflow

Need clarification on how each request operates? Download the APL artwork request workflow below for a preview.

APL Ops SMS Request

This form is only for the APL operational team. A passcode is required. Can all Licensee's please use the Licensee SMS Request form.

Licensee SMS Request

Complete this form to request an APL Player SMS. Please refer to the business rules within the form, for more information.