Your Venue’s Own Interactive Game Show Quiz

Bring game show fun out of the lounge room to your venue

Includes professional Quiz Masters to host your show

Drive food and beverage spend in your venue with repeat customers


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Boost your numbers day or night

Run events mid week, day or night to attract a wide range of patrons to your venue.

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Create a loyal community of QuizzaMe! players

Over 150 venues currently benefit from a loyal customer base of diverse regular weekly players.

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Increase spend in your venue with repeat customers

One of the best ways to break up the week, patrons typically enjoy a cold drink and hot meal whilst playing driving up sales.

It’s All About the FUN!

Players of all ages can enjoy the QuizzaMe! experience. Each team gets a wireless buzzer with 5 buttons that are used to respond to a range of questions including multiple choice, sequences, and true of false. Players must answer the questions before time runs out, and the faster they answer, the higher their score!

Our wide range of topics will engage audiences of all ages from pop culture, sports, History, Fun facts and more there is something for everyone. Players earn bonus points for singing, dancing and participation – this is a product that appeals to all types, not just your traditional trivia player.

We don’t let the trivia get in the way of a good time - anyone can win with QuizzaMe!

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How It Works

No pens or paper, each team gets a wireless buzzer

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Answer multiple choice questions from your host

Purple tick on a coin shape

Correct answers are shown immediately on the screen

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The team with the highest points wins venue prizes!

Your Very Own Game Show QUIZ MASTER

Your weekly QuizzaMe! event is hosted by professional Quiz Masters from an entertainment background, such as actors, comedians or aspiring game show hosts who want to be the next Grant Denyer.

Your Quiz Master is carefully selected through a thorough audition process and will receive ongoing training and support so that they can deliver the best possible event at your venue.